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Plants - Native Trees

Alnus cordata
Italian Alder

Dense, fast-growing deciduous tree with glossy bright green leaves.

Alnus glutinosa
Common Alder

Deciduous tree with smooth grey bark & leaves coloured a soft orange-brown. Yellow catkins in March.

Betula pendula
Silver Birch

A deciduous tree with a silvery trunk and glossy dark green leaves which cast a dappled shade.

Crataegus monogyna

A deciduous tree with fragrant white flowers and red berries.

Fagus sylvatica
Green Beech

A large tree with beautiful glossy green leaves in spring which turn bronze and yellow in autumn.

Prunus avium
Wild Cherry

One of the most attractive of our native woodland trees. Medium-large tree,smooth grey bark turning to mahogany.

Quercus robur
Common Oak

A tall, broad, rugged tree with lobed, matt green leaves. There is golden-brown autumn colour.

Sorbus aucuparia
Mountain Ash/Rowan

A deciduous tree with good autumn colour. White flowers from May to June, red berries in autumn.

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