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Plants - Fruit Trees

Apple 'Beauty of Bath'
Malus domestica 'Beauty of Bath'

A sharp, crisp dessert apple.

Apple 'Bramley's Seedling'
Malus domestica 'Bramley's Seedling'

The best culinary variety and the most widely planted cooking apple in Britain. Large green fruits.

Apple 'Discovery'
Malus domestica 'Discovery'

Juicy and pleasantly flavoured dessert apple.

Apple 'Egremont Russet'
Malus domestica 'Egremont Russet'

A hardy self-fertile dessert apple. Large crops of green-yellow fruits from October to December.

Apple 'Ellison's Orange'
Malus domestica 'Ellison's Orange'

A dessert variety producing flavourful fruit from late autumn.

Apple 'Fiesta'/'Red Pippin'
Malus domestica 'Fiesta'

A dessert apple which keeps extremely well. A good heavy cropping garden variety.

Apple 'Greensleeves'
Malus domestica 'Greensleeves'

A golden-green dessert apple.

Apple 'James Grieve'
Malus domestica 'James Grieve'

Deliciously flavoured cooking or dessert apple.

Apple 'Katy'
Malus domestica 'Katy'

A crisp, delicious dessert apple.

Apple 'Spartan'
Malus domestica 'Spartan'

A crisp, juicy and tender dessert apple.

Apple 'Worcester Pearmain'
Malus domestica 'Worcester Pearmain'

A crisp and juicy dessert apple.

Cherry 'Morello'
Prunus cerasus 'Morello'

A lovely, dark red cherry, ideal for cooking. White flowers in spring.

Cherry 'Stella'
Prunus avium 'Stella'

An exceptional self-fertile, dessert cherry with large dark red or black fruit.

Crab Apple 'John Downie'
Malus sylvestris 'John Downie'

Pink/white flowers in April & May followed by edible bright red fruits in autumn. Deciduous.

Damson 'Merryweather'
Prunus insititia 'Merryweather'

Free-fruiting cooking Damson. Fruits in September. Self-fertile.

Prunus domestica 'Old Greengage'

A fruiting culinary plum producing pale yellow-green fruit with soft, sweet flesh in late summer.

Pear 'Concorde'
Pyrus communis 'Concorde'

A compact pear tree with edible, green, dessert fruits in autumn.

Pear 'Doyenné Du Comice'
Pyrus communis 'Doyenné Du Comice'

A compact pear tree, with sweet, golden green fruit that is tinged pink produced in autumn.

Pear 'Williams Bon Chrétien'
Pyrus communis 'Williams Bon Chrétien'

A compact dessert pear tree with delicious, large golden-yellow fruits in September.

Plum 'Victoria'
Prunus domestica 'Victoria'

A culinary/dessert plum producing a good crop of large, pale red fruit with golden-yellow flesh.

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